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flexible [ˈfleksəbl]

adj.灵活的; 易弯曲的; 柔韧的; 易被说服的

1. extended meanings; capable of change;

2. able to flex; able to bend easily;

3. able to adjust readily to differentconditions;

4. bending and snapping back readilywithout breaking

5. making or willing to make concessions;

conservative [kənˈsɜ:vətɪv]

n.保守的人; (英国)保守党党员,保守党支持者

adj.保守的; (英国)保守党的; (式样等)不时新的


1. a person who has conservative ideas oropinions


1. resistant to change

2. opposed to liberal reforms

3. avoiding excess;

4. unimaginatively conventional;

5. conforming to the standards andconventions of the middle class;

mollify ['mɒlɪfaɪ]


1. cause to be more favorably inclined;gain the good will of;

2. make more temperate, acceptable, orsuitable by adding something else; moderate;

3. make less rigid or softer

inflame [ɪn'fleɪm]

vt.& vi.(使)发怒,过热; 使发炎

1. cause inflammation in;

2. catch fire;

3. cause to start burning;

4. arouse or excite feelings and passions;

5. become inflamed; get sore;

obdurate [ˈɒbdjərət]

adj.顽固的; 执拗的; 麻木不仁的; 冷酷无情的

1. stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing

2. showing unfeeling resistance to tenderfeelings;

ingenuity [ˌɪndʒə'nju:ətɪ]

n.足智多谋,心灵手巧; 独创性; 独出心裁,设计新颖; 巧妙,精巧

1. the power of creative imagination

2. the property of being ingenious;

pessimistic [ˌpesɪˈmɪstɪk]

adj.悲观的,厌世的; 悲观主义的

expecting the worst in this worst of allpossible worlds

cultivate ['kʌltɪveɪt]

vt.耕作,种植; 教养,栽培; 改善; 交朋友

1. foster the growth of

2. prepare for crops;

3. train to be discriminative in taste orjudgment;

4. adapt (a wild plant or unclaimed land)to the environment;

castigate ['kæstɪɡeɪt]

vt.严厉批评; 惩戒; 对…实施严厉的惩罚; 矫正,修订

1. censure severely;

2. inflict severe punishment on

delightful [dɪˈlaɪtfl]

adj.令人非常高兴的,讨人喜欢的; 令人愉快的; 宜人

greatly pleasing or entertaining;

demand [dɪ'mɑ:nd]

vt.要求,请求; 需要; [法]召唤; 询问,盘问

n.需求; 需要; 要求,请求; 销路

vi.需要; 请求; 查问


1. the ability and desire to purchase goodsand services;

2. an urgent or peremptory request;

3. a condition requiring relief;

4. the act of demanding;

5. required activity;


1. request urgently and forcefully;

2. require as useful, just, or proper;

3. claim as due or just;

4. lay legal claim to

5. summon to court

6. ask to be informed of;

threat [θret]

n.威胁; 恐吓; 凶兆

1. something that is a source of danger;

2. a warning that something unpleasant isimminent;

3. declaration of an intention or adetermination to inflict harm on another;

4. a person who inspires fear or dread;

spate [speɪt]

n.大量; 发洪水,(河流)暴涨; 大雨

1. (often followed by `of') a large numberor amount or extent;

2. a sudden forceful flow

3. the occurrence of a water flow resultingfrom sudden rain or melting snow

brisk [brɪsk]

adj.快的; 轻快的; 爽快而清新的; 兴隆的

vi.活跃起来; 变得轻快

vt.使…活泼; 使…轻快

1. quick and energetic;

2. imparting vitality and energy;

3. very active;

hostility [hɒ'stɪlətɪ]

n.敌意,敌对状态; 战争行动; 愤怒反对,愤怒反抗

1. a hostile (very unfriendly) disposition;

2. a state of deep-seated ill-will

3. the feeling of a hostile person;

4. violent action that is hostile andusually unprovoked

5. acts of overt warfare

humanitarian [hju:ˌmænɪˈteəriən]

adj.人道主义的; 博爱的; 慈善的

n.人道主义者; 慈善家; 博爱主义者


1. someone devoted to the promotion ofhuman welfare and to social reforms


1. marked by humanistic values and devotionto human welfare;

2. of or relating to or characteristic ofhumanitarianism;

altruism [ˈæltruɪzəm]

n.利他主义,无私; 爱他主义; 利人主义

thequality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others

caricature ['kærɪkətʃʊə(r)]

n.漫画,讽刺画; 漫画手法; 夸张讽刺的描绘; 滑稽可笑的模仿

vt.把…画成漫画; 画成漫画讽刺; 用漫画手法描绘


1. a representation of a person that isexaggerated for comic effect


1. represent in or produce a caricature of;

lliterate [ɪ'lɪtərət]


n.目不识丁者; 文盲; 无知

1. not able to read or write

2. ignorant of the fundamentals of a givenart or branch of knowledge;

alarm [ə'lɑ:m]

n.惊恐; 警报; 闹铃; 动员令

vt.使惊恐; 警告; 给(门等)安装警报器


1. fear resulting from the awareness ofdanger

2. a device that signals the occurrence ofsome undesirable event

3. an automatic signal (usually a sound)warning of danger

4. a clock that wakes sleeper at presettime


1. fill with apprehension or alarm; cause tobe unpleasantly surprised;

2. warn or arouse to a sense of danger orcall to a state of preparedness;

impugn [ɪm'pju:n]

vt.非难,指谪; 对…有怀疑

attack as false or wrong

recant [rɪ'kænt]


formally reject or disavow a formerly heldbelief, usually under pressure;

surrogate ['sʌrəɡət]

n.代理,代表; 代用品,代替,代孕者,[心]代用人物; 〈美〉遗嘱检验法庭[法官]

adj.代理的; 代理的



1. someone who takes the place of anotherperson

2. a person appointed to represent or acton behalf of others


1. providing or receiving nurture orparental care though not related by blood or legal ties;




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