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  SAT OG是官方提供的备考资料,具有指导性作用,所以考生们在备考过程中要认真利用才行,下面为大家带来的是SAT填空题OG官方解析的内容,希望对大家的备考有帮助。



  1. Ironically, an affluent society that purchases much more food than it actually needs suffers because of that -----, since in conditions of affluence diseases relate to overeating and a poor nutrition seem to -----.

  (A) lavishness… adapt

  (B) overabundance…thrive

  (C) corpulence…vex

  (D) practicality…awaken

  (E) commonness…abound

  解析:“Ironically”表示逻辑反义,所以逗号前后的句子语意相反。空格1填入一个名词,that表示逆向指代,对应语意 “社会需要比他实际需要更多的事物(purchases much more food than it actually needs)”,所以空格1填入“富足的(affluent)”的语义。空格2填入一个动词,表示“有关暴饮暴食和营养不良(poor nutrition)的疾病”的状态。所以答案为B。其他选项:A 浪费,挥霍;适应。B 过量;兴盛起来。C 肥胖;烦恼。D 实用性;使清醒。E 普通;充满。答案为B。

  2. Maggie is a procrastinator, inclined to ------ and to ------ discussions.

  (A) meddle… scoff at

  (B) temporize… prolong

  (C) misbehave… disrupt

  (D) sneer… terminate

  (E) withdraw… intrude in

  解析:空格1和2都填入一个动词,表示M对“讨论(discussions)”做的动作。由and连接两个空,所以逻辑同义,空格1和2与逗号前面的句子构成“一元二次方程”模式,所以应该体现“拖延者,办事拖拉的人(procratinator)”的语义。选项:A 干涉;嘲笑。B 拖延议事;延长。C 行为不端;打扰,使混乱。D 嘲笑;终结。E 收回,撤退;侵入,侵扰。答案为B。

  3. The speaker, praised for her style yet ridiculed for her vacuity, often moved naive listeners with ----- alone and led them to believe that her speech had ------.

  (F) reason… dalliance

  (G) infelicity… conviction

  (H) rhetoric… substance

  (I) pragmatism… futility

  (J) boorishness… integrity

  解析:空格1和2都填入一个名词,表示发言者的言语的状态。“yet”表示逻辑反义,所以空格填入后应该体现“风格受到欢迎但是内容空洞”的语义。两个空由and连接,所以表达的意思应该是同义的。第一个空应该对应“风格好”,第二个空表达“使那些天真的观众相信其内容不是空洞的”,第二个空填入“不是空洞”的相应的意思。选项:A 原因;嬉戏,调情。B 不幸;信念。C 修辞;物质,实质。D 实用主义;无用。E 粗鲁;完整。答案为C。

  4. Hayley Mill’s films have been called ------, although most of them are not so sentimental as to deserve that description.

  (A) treacly (B) cursory (C) prosaic (D) meticulous (E) consecrated

  解析:空格填入一个形容词,修饰HM的电影。“although”表示转折关系,前后语意相反,逗号后面的句子中,“not”表示否定,not so sentimental,前句空中应该填入其反义,所以空格应该填入“感情丰富的(sentimental)”的同义。选项:A 甜蜜的(resembling treacle: overly sweet and sentimental)。B 粗略的,仓促的。C 单调的。D 吹毛求疵的。E 神圣的。答案为A。

  5. A scientist should not automatically reject folkways that might at first seem silly or superstitious; scientific qualifications are not license for -------, nor do they --------- prejudice or bias.

  (A) experimentation… eliminate

  (B) arrogance… pursue

  (C) humility… advocate

  (D) smugness… legitimate

  (E) rigidity… console

  解析:空格1填入一个名词,表示“科学的限定or资格证书(scientific qualifications)”不是什么的许可。空格2填入一个动词,表示“科学的限定or资格证书(scientific qualifications)”对“偏见(prejudice or bias)”做的动作。分号表示前后同义,有“not”等多处否定,所以空格1应该填入“自动地排斥民间方法”的语义,空格2填入一个正动作,表示对“偏见(prejudice or bias)”的肯定态度。选项:A 实验;消除,淘汰。B 自夸;追求。C 谦虚;拥护,支持。D 自鸣得意;使规范,使合法。E 僵硬;安慰。答案为E。

  6. The frequent name changes that the country has undergone ------ the political turbulence that has attended its recent history.(bingo+句子结构分析)

  (A) argue against (B) contrast with (C) testify to (D) jeopardize (E) sustain

  解析:空格填入一个动词+介词或是动词,表示“国家名字的经常变化(The frequent name changes that the country has undergone)”对“政治动乱(political turbulence)”做的动作。可以重复的语义只有“变化”和“混乱”,所以空格填入一个正动作。选项:A 与…辩驳。B 与…相反。C 证实了…。D 使危险。E 持续。答案为C。

  7. Not only was the science of Hildegard Bingen ------ her theology, but her religious visions helped give her scientific works ------- by winning her the support of the medieval church authorities.

  a) inseparable from… legitimacy

  b) unconcerned with… prestige

  c) derived from… profundity

  d) related to … accuracy

  e) diminished by… detachment

  解析:空格1填入一个形容词+介词或是动词+介词的结构,逻辑同义(not only… but…为并列结构,不是转折关系),所以空格2应该体现“为她赢的了中世纪教会权威的支持”的语义。即正评价词汇,而空格1也应该体现这样的语义。选项:A 不可分离的;合法,正统。 B 不关心;威望。C 从…来;深奥。D 有关系;准确。E 减少;公平,分离。答案为A。

  8. Opponents of the research institute label it ------ anachronism; its scholars, they allege, have ------ rivaling those of pre-Revolutionary French nobility.

  f) An elitist… perquisites

  g) A monarchial… tribulations

  h) An irreproachable…luxuries

  i) A reprehensible… afflictions

  j) A commendable… privileges

  解析:空格1填入一个冠词+形容词的结构,修饰“时代错误(anachronism)”,空格2填入一个名词,表示研究所的学者们和“与那些法国大革命前的贵族相竞争”的关系。分号表示前后同义,所以空格1应该体现贵族的语义,空格2应该体现空格1的语义和时代错误的语义。选项:A 精英的;津贴。B 国王的;苦难。C 无可指责的;豪华。D 应受谴责的;苦恼,折磨。E 值得赞扬的;特权。答案为A。

  9. In addition to ------ stacks of resumes and references, some employers want to ------- the hiring process by employing graphologists to study applicants’ handwriting for character analysis.

  a) Evaluating… supplement

  b) Envisioning… circumvent

  c) Ignoring… depersonalize

  d) Ameliorating… revisit

  e) Condoning… belabor

  解析:空格1填入动词,表示“有些雇主(some employers)”对“成堆的简历和推荐信(stacks of resumes and reference)”做的动作。空格2填入一个动词,表示“有些雇主(some employers)”对“雇佣过程(hiring process)”做的动作。逻辑同义,所以空格2应该填入“利用笔相家来研究申请人的性格特点”的语义。空格1应该体现“研究(study)”和“空格2”的语义。选项:A 评估;补充。B 想象,预想;避免。C 忽视;使失去个性。D 改进,改善;再访问。E 宽恕;过分冗长的说或做。答案为A。

  10. Andrew’s hunch that Ms. Smith would lose the election was ------- when her opponent won in a landslide, proving Andrew’s -------- to be correct.

  (A) Compromised… prediction

  (B) Rejected… insolence

  (C) Substantiated… endorsement

  (D) Confirmed… intuition

  (E) Belied…. Retraction

  解析:空格1填入一个从此,表示“A的直觉(Andrew’s hunch)”的状态。空格2填入一个名词,表示A的什么是正确的。由于她的竞争对手在泥石流中获胜,所以S的落选就是正动作,从而可以肯定A的直觉是正确的。选项:A 妥协;预测。B 拒绝;无辜。C 证实;同意,批准。D 证实;直觉。E 与…背道而驰;收回。答案为D。

  11. The scientific organization ------- the newspaper for prominently covering the predictions of a psychic while -------- to report on a major research conference.

  a) Celebrated… failing

  b) Promoted… refusing

  c) Denounced… neglecting

  d) Spurned… hastening

  e) Honored… opting

  解析:空格1填入一个动词,表示科学的组织对报纸的动作。空格2填入一个动词,表示报纸对在一个主流研究会议上的报告做的动作。While表示转折关系,逻辑反义,所以空格2应该填入“引人注目的覆盖了一个有特异功能的人的预测”的反义,所以空格应该体现“不去报告”的语义。选项ABC候选。所以空格1应该填入对报纸的负动作。答案为C。所有选项:A 庆祝;没有做。B 提高,促进;拒绝。C 公开指责;忽视。D 摈弃,废除;催促。E 给以荣誉;选择。答案为C。

  12. Royal garments found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians reveal no evidence of having been mended: this discovery suggests that the rulers of Egypt opted for ------- rather than -------.

  a) Disposal… repair

  b) Sacrifice… opulence

  c) Wastefulness… comfort

  d) Spirituality… worldliness

  e) Humiliation… charity

  解析:空格1和2都填入一个名词,表示E的统治者们更倾向于选择的东西。冒号表示前后同义,所以空格1和2填入后应该体现“皇家的衣服没有体现被修过的证据”的语义。选项:A 清除;修理。B 牺牲;富裕。C 浪费;舒服。D 精神性;世俗。E 耻辱;慈善。答案为A。

  13. The magician’s ------- astonished us; her deft performance proved the old saying that the hand is quicker than the eye.

  (A) discernment (B) tenacity (C) hilarity (D) adroitness (E) insecurity

  解析:空格填入一个名词,表示魔术师的什么让我们震惊。分号表示前后同义,所以空格应该体现“熟练的表演”的语义。选项:A 洞察力。B 坚韧。C 欢喜。D 熟练。E 不安全。答案为D。

  14. No longer considered_________, the belief that all ofPuerto Rico's indigenous Taino people perishedcenturies ago appears to be a _________ now thatmodern Taino descendants have come forward.

  (A) conclusive . . reality(B) tenable . . misconception(C) mythical. . possibility *(D) erroneous . . delusion(E) hypothetical. . digression

  解析:空格1和2都填入一个形容词,都修饰“信仰(belief)”,“no longer”表示逗号前后反义,所以空格1和2为广义反义。选项:A 结论性的;现实,真实。B 站得住脚的;错误概念。C 神秘的;可能性。D 错误的;错觉。E 假设的;例题的。答案选B。

  15. Although aging brings about profound physiologicalchanges, it does not often alter an individual's_________:an irascible thirty year old will probably still be_________at seventy.

  (A) disposition . . cantankerous(B) anatomy . . churlish(C) outlook . . benevolent(D) personality . . laconic(E) stature . . robust

  解析:空格1填入一个名词,被“个人(individual)”所修饰,空格2填入一个形容词,表示“70岁(at seventy)”的状态。“although”表示逗号前后反义,所以空格1应该体现“生理上的(physiological)”的反义,空格2体现 “脾气暴躁的(irascible)”的同义。选项:A 癖性;(老人)脾气暴躁的。B 解刨学;脾气暴躁的。C 观点;仁慈的。D 人格,个性;简洁的。E 社会地位;健壮的。

  16. Freedom of expression is not necessarily a_________ force:communities that encourage it often feel less threatenedby social unrest than do those in which dissentis_________.

  (A) revolutionary . . promoted(B) positive . . prohibited(C) successful . . protested(D) divisive . . restricted(E) militant. . fostered

  解析:空格1填入一个形容词,修饰“力量(force)”;空格2填入一个动词,说明“不同意见(dissent)”的状态。冒号表示逻辑相同。冒号后面内容说“鼓励言论自由的社会可以得到更少的来自社会不安因素的威胁(communities that encourage it often feel less threatened by social unrest)”所以,空格1应该填入一个负面词汇。空格2则填入encourage的反义。表示“言论不自由”语义。选项:革命性的;提高,提升。B 积极的;抑制。C 成功的;抗议。D 引起分歧的;限制。E 激进的,好战的;鼓励,培养。答案为D。

  18. Some skeptics consider the Search for ExtraterrestrialIntelligence (SET1) to be_________, even foolish; othersgo so far as to accuse SETI scientists of outright_________in applying skewed data.

  (A) misguided . . remonstrance(B) absurd . . erudition(C) plausible . . lassitude(D) painstaking . . fabrication(E) wrongheaded . . chicanery

  解析:空格1填入一个形容词,修饰SETI;空格2填入一个名词,表示SETI如何利用“歪曲数据(skewed data)”。Even表示前后递进关系,所以空格1应该填入一个“愚蠢的(foolish)”但程度浅一点的词。空格2填入一个负评价词汇。选项:A 受误导的;抱怨,抗议。B 荒唐的;博学,深奥。C 似是而非的。疲乏。D 煞费苦心的;捏造。E 坚持错误的;诡计。答案选择E。

  19. Neurosurgeon Alexa Canady maintained that choosinga career was a visceral decision rather than_________judgment; that is, it was not so much rational as_________.

  (A) an emotional. . intellectual(B) a chance . . random(C) an intuitive . . impulsive(D) a deliberate . . instinctive(E) an intentional,. logical

  解析:空格1填入一个形容词修饰“判断(judgement)”;空格2填入一个形容词,修饰“it”,即“职业选择(choosing a career)”。“rather than”表示空格1填入与“非理性的(viseral)”相反的词。分号表示前后句子同意,因此第二句也应该表示“非理性>理性”语义,所以空格 2应该填入“非理性”的语义。选项:A 情绪的,理性的。B 偶然的,不必然的;随即的。C 直觉的;冲动的。D 深思熟虑的;直觉的。E 有意的,故意的;逻辑的。答案选D。

  20. Creative business stratagems frequently become _________as a result of_________, their versatility and adaptabilitydestroyed by their transformation into rigid policies.

  (A) streamlined . . infighting(B) mitigated. .jingoism(C) ossified . . bureaucratization(D) politicized . . innovation(E) venerable. . legislation

  解析:空格1填入一个形容词,修饰“创造性的商业策略(creative business stratagems)”,空格2填入一个名词,表示空格2导致了空格1,1是果,2是因。逗号后面的句子,表示方法目的是by后面的“他们转变成了严格的政策(their transformation into rigid policies)”,可以看作是“因”,“他们的多功能性和适应性被破坏(their versatility and adaptability destroyed)”是“果”,构成了“矩形模式”,因此只需要把第二句的结果填入空格1,第二句的原因填入空格2即可。选项:A 流线型的,入时的;内讧。B 缓和的;军国主义。C 僵化的;官僚统治。D 被给予政治口吻和姿态的;创新。E 值得尊敬的;立法。答案选C。

  21. Lewis Latimer's inexpensive method of producingcarbon filaments_________ the nascent electric industry bymaking electric lamps commercially_________.

  (A) cheapened. . affordable(B) transformed. . viable(C) revolutionized. . prohibitive(D) provoked. . improbable(E) stimulated. . inaccessible

  解析:空格1填入一个动词,表示“生产碳细丝的便宜方法(the inexpensive method of producing carbon filaments)”对“新生的电力行业(nascent eletric industry)”做的一个动作;空格2填入一个形容词,表示“便宜方法(inexpensive method)”把“电灯泡(electric lamps)”在“商业上(commercially)”变成什么状态。“by”表示方法,所以空格2应该体现“便宜(inexpensive)”的概念。选项中:除了A 可支付得起的B 可行的,其余选项都可以排除(C 使翻天覆地变化;价格贵的抑制购买的。D 激起;不可能的。E 刺激;达不到的。)A 选项的空格1:cheapened:1)to make cheap in price or value。2)to lower in general esteem。3)to make tawdry, vulgar, or inferior。不可以说使整个电力行业降价。所以排除。答案选B。

  22. Because her new job required daily attendance, Joanwas obliged to_________ her formerly_________ lifestyle as atraveling musician.

  (A) forgo . . sedentary(B) perpetuate . . nomadic(C) glorify . . dissolute(D) augment. . lavish(E) relinquish . . itinerant(traveling from place to place)

  解析:空格1填入一个动词,表示J对“她以前的...的生活方式”做得动作。空格2填入一个形容词,修饰生活方式,because表示因果关系,新工作(new job)和以前的...的生活方式构成对比,所以空格1填入一个负动作。空格2则填入“旅行音乐家(traveling musician)”的概念即可。选项:A 放弃;久坐的。B 坚持;游牧的。C 使光荣;放荡的。D 增加,提高;挥霍的。E 放弃;巡回的。答案为E。

  23. Evidence that the universe is expanding_________ourperception of the cosmos and thus caused a_________inastronomical thinking.

  (A) advanced. . setback(B) altered . . revolution(C) contradicted . . truce(D) reinforced. . crisis(E) halted. . breakthrough

  解析:空格1填入一个动词,表示“宇宙正在膨胀的证据(evidence that the universe is expanding)”对“我们的宇宙观(our perception of comos)”做的动作;空格2填入一个名词,表示这种证据对引起了什么。“thus”表示因果关系,所以空格1和2的逻辑方向相同且填入后要体现因果关系。选项:A 是先进,提前;阻碍。B改变,翻天覆地的变化。C 反对;停战。D 加强;关键。E 暂停;突破。答案为B

  24. The new antifungal agent has such_________uses, fromtreating Dutch elm disease to rescuing water-damagedworks of art from molds, that it is considered one ofthe more_________antibiotics.

  (A) disturbing . . explicit(B) innovative . . precipitous(C) mysterious . . recognized(D) varied . . versatile(E) similar . . discriminating

  解析:首先空格1填入一个形容词,用来修饰新的杀真菌剂(new antifungal agent)的用途(uses),空格2填入形容词,用来修饰抗生素(antibiotics)。其次“from句子”同样修饰前面的用途(uses),构成修饰解释关系,因此应该把“from句子”的语义填到空格1中;抗生素(antibiotics)是杀真菌剂(new antifungal agent)构成语义重复,因此空格1和2构成“一元方程”模式,所以空格2应该体现“空格1+uses”的语义。A disturbing 扰乱的,使人不安的;explicit 明白的,明确的。B innovative 创新的 precipitous 陡峭的;仓促的,急躁的。C 神秘的,不可思议的;recongnized 公认的,经过验证的。D varied 多种多样的;versatile 善变的;多用途的(本题涵义);多才多艺的。E similar 相似的 discriminating 有辨别力的,有差别的,特征显著的。答案选D。

  25. Because rap and hip-hop offer such_________commentaryon contemporary issues, they are often said to besharp-edged musical genres.

  (A) nebulous (B) trenchant (C) circumspect(D)prosaic (E) benign

  解析:空格填入一个形容词,修饰“评论(commentary)”,改该“评论”是由“rap and hip-hop”对“当代社会的问题(contemporary issues)”所做的“评论”。寻找相关语义找到代词“they”,指代“rap and hip-hop”,“because”表示因果关系,句子前后逻辑方向相同。因此空格应该填入“尖锐的文艺形式(sharp-edged musical genres)”的语义。答案:A 模糊不清的;B 一针见血的,鞭辟入里的;C 谨慎的;D 单调的,乏味的;E(人)仁慈的,(天气)温和的。

  26. The company manager was known for both his_________and his_________: he lied frequently, but did sowith amazing flair.

  (A) ambivalence . . extravagance(B) duplicity . . panache(C) evasiveness . . irascibility(D) mendacity . . corruption(E) brashness . . charisma

  解析:空格1和2都填入一个名词,表示“(公司经理)company manager”的状态。冒号表示前后同义,所以空格填入后应该体现“他经常撒谎,但是却撒谎撒得很有技巧,简直是撒谎的天才(he lied frequently, but did so with amazaing flair)”。“flair”表示a skill or instinctive ability to appreciate or make good use of something,即“欣赏或者很好利用事物的技巧和天生的能力”。选项:A 矛盾;挥霍。B 欺骗;羽饰dash or flamboyance in style and action,热情,炫耀。C 逃避;易怒。D 撒谎;堕落。E 傲慢无礼;领袖气质。D的第二个空堕落不符合语义,排除。答案为B。

  27. Because the candidate had switched his party allegianceimmediately before the campaign, his formerassociates called him a_________, and even his new alliesconsidered him an_________.

  (A) recruit. . expert(B) strategist . . imbecile(C) deserter . . inspiration(D) prophet . . interloper(E) traitor . . opportunist

  解析:空格1和2都填入一个名词,修饰“候选人(candidate)”。Because表示因果关系,even表示递进关系,所以应该把“在选举前立即改变了自己的党派(had switched his party allegiance immediately before the campaign)”的语义,且空格2程度要深一些。选项:A 新手;专家。B 策略家(a person skilled in strategy);傻子。C 变节者,叛逃者(to quit one's post, allegiance, or service without leave or justification);灵感。D 先知;干涉他人事务者。E 叛徒;见机行事的人(a person exploiting opportunities with little regard to principle or consequences)

  28. Although A. S. Byatt's stories are elaborate and sometimescontain supernatural elements, her characters donot seem_________; on the contrary, they are quite_________ .

  (A) simplistic . . eccentric(B) realistic . . memorable(C) abstruse . . incomprehensible(D) contrived . . plausible(E) intricate . . complex

  解析:空格1和2都填入一个形容词,修饰“她的角色(her characters)”,“although”表示逗号前后反义,not再次改变逻辑方向。所以空格1填入一个“详细说明的,复杂的(elaborate)”和“有时包含一些超自然因素(sometimes contain supernatural elements)”。分号+on the contrary表示逻辑相反,即空格2与前一句话的让步部分反义,所以与空格1同义。选项:A 简单的;古怪的。B 现实的,实际的;值得纪念的。C 难解的,深奥的;难以理解的。D 精心设计的;似是而非的。E 复杂的;复杂的。答案为D。C和E选项逻辑正确,但是“复杂的,难解的”不能体现“详细说明的(elaborate)”和“有时包含一些超自然因素(sometimes contain supernatural elements)”所以选择D。

  29. Electing not to stay in subordinate positions in large firms, some attorneys _________, seeking more _________and independence elsewhere.(bingo)

  (A) compromise . . servility(B) persevere . . competence(C) acquiesce . . banality(D) resign . . autonomy(E) recant. . conformity

  解析:这一元二次方程模式,空格1主语是“有些律师(some attorneys)”,需填入一个动词,空格2填入一个形容词,表示“找到更...的职位(seeking more....(positions))”。第二个逗号后面的“ing”引导的从句与空格构成修饰解释关系,所以只要把“在其他地方找到更...的和更独立的职位”的语义即可。所以可以把independent的语义填入空格1中。空格2也填入independent的语义即可。选项:A 妥协;奴性。B 坚持;竞争。C 勉强同意,默许;陈腐。D 辞职;自治。E 撤销,放弃;遵守。答案为D。

  30. Because all members of this organization are idealists, they_________ any assertion that political enterprises should be purely _________.

  (A) ignore . . universal(B) criticize . . visionary(C) condemn . . benevolent(D) denounce . . pragmatic(E) condone . . indulgent

  解析:空格1填入一个动词,逗号后面的they指代 “这个组织所有的成员(all members of this organization)”,空1是they对“任何断言(any assertion)”做得动作。空格2填入一个形容词,修饰“政治事业(political enterprises)”,“because”表示因果关系,所以利用正负假定法,假设空格1是正动作,空格2则是“理想主义者(idealists)”的同义。选项:A 忽视;普遍的。B 批评;理想化的。C 指责;仁慈的。D 公开谴责;实用的。E 宽恕;放纵的。答案为D。






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