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  类型一 those后接形容词(短语)作定语


  All those eligible will receive a cash handout. 所有符合条件的人都将得到一笔救济款。

  There was public outcry from those opposed to abortion. 反堕胎人士公开大声抗议。

  The meat is divided up among all those present at the kill. 在猎杀现场的人把肉分了。

  They demanded that those responsible be brought to justice. 他们要求将责任人缉拿归案。

  the needs of those unable to respond to the imperatives of an enterprise culture. 那些不能积极响应企业文化核心要求的人的需求

  类型二 those后接现在分词(短语)作定语


  Buses carry 30 per cent of those travelling by road. 公交车承载了公路交通客流量的30%。

  The new law clearly benefits those earning the most money. 新法律显然使那些收入最高的人受益。

  All those appearing on the register must notify the authorities of any change of address. 登记簿上的地址变更必须通知相关机构。

  类型三 those后接过去分词(短语)作定语


  Only 18 percent of those surveyed opposed the idea. 被调查者中只有 18%的人反对该主张。

  The church service is a memorial to those killed in the war. 教堂里举行的仪式是纪念在战争中牺牲的人们。

  All those invited to next week’s peace conference have accepted. 所有受邀参加下星期和平会谈的人都已同意出席。


  The badly wounded have [take] priority for medical attention over those only slightly hurt. 重伤号比轻伤号优先得到医疗照顾。

  Counselling is being given to those most immediately affected by the tragedy. 目前正在向惨剧的最直接受害者提供咨询服务。

  类型四 those后接不定式短语作定语


  I’m going to sort these old books into those to be kept and those to be thrown away. 我打算把这些旧书分成要留下的和要扔掉的两类。

  类型五 those后接介词短语作定语


  Have some consideration for those without a job. 体谅一下那些没有工作的人。

  You do have to consider the feelings of those around you. 你的确需要考虑周围人的感受。

  Requirements for feminine nutrition are different from those for men. 女性的营养需求与男性不同。

  The group has little influence over those outside its own ranks. 这个团体对非成员没什么影响力。

  There is no alternative for those with no car of their own. 没有私家车的人就没有选择余地了。

  类型六 those后接定语从句作定语

  1. 若those指人,则其后通常用who来引导定语从句。如:

  Those who earn most pay most tax. 挣钱最多的人交税也最多。

  Thanks are due to all those who took part. 向所有参加的人表示感谢。

  We kept seats for those who might arrive late. 我们给可能来晚的人留了座位。

  Only those who had booked in advance were allowed in. 只有那些预先订票的人可以进去。


  The danger is that people who pay their bills on time will be lumped in with those that don’t. 危险的是那些及时付账的人将会同那些不及时付账的人混在一起。


  Eric was a gifted teacher beloved by all those he taught over the years. 埃里克是位天才的教师,多年来他一直受到所有学生的热爱。

  2. 若those指事物,则其后通常用which来引导定语从句。如:

  We must try to find out those which may be attacked most easily. 我们必须设法找出容易受攻击的东西。

  You are asked to indicate those which most describe your personality. 要求你指出最能表明你性格的那些方面。

  We need to find a mean between exam questions which are too difficult and those which are too easy. 我们出考题时必须要找到难题与易题的平衡点。


  The design of the new house is similar to those that have already been built. 这栋新房子的设计与已经建好的那些房子相似。


  Put a tick next to those activities you like and a cross next to those you dislike. 在你喜欢的活动旁打钩,在不喜欢的活动旁画叉。

  3. 后接除who, which, that之外的关系代词引导的定语从句

  those后的定语从句除可用who, which, that等关系代词引导外,有时还可用whose, in which等引导。如:

  This disease is more likely to strike those whose immune systems are already below par. 这种病更容易对那些免疫系统已经低于正常水平的人构成威胁。

  The poems which he wrote in the countryside are generally agreed to be those in which he found his true voice. 他在乡下创作的那些诗歌被公认为是他找到了自己声音的作品。






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