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  SAT官方指南阅读习题五Practice Test 5


  Section 3


  1. 在很长的一段时间里,大多数医生认为用大量的维他命是无害的;不过现在有些人警告过量会_________。


  For a long time, most doctors maintained that taking massive doses of vitamins was relatively harmless; now, however, some are warning that excessive dosages can be _________.


  (A) healthy adj. 健康的

  (B) expensive adj. 昂贵的

  (C) wasteful adj. 浪费的

  (D) toxic adj. 有毒的

  (E) inane adj. 愚蠢的


  2. 在牙买加金彩的小说露西里,西部印第安人女英雄_________她雇主的世界,精密的审查它的设想和价值。


  In Jamaica Kincaid's novel Lucy, the west Indian heroine _________ her employers' world, critically examining its assumptions and values.


  (A) idealizes v. 理想化

  (B) avoids v. 避开

  (C) beautifies v. 美化

  (D) scrutinizes v. 仔细检查

  (E) excludes v. 排除


  3. 这个国家经历了经常性的国名变更_________了这个国家近代历史的政治动乱。


  The frequent name changes that the country has undergone _________ the political turbulence that has attended its recent history.


  (A) argue against v. 真钞,辩论

  (B) contrast with v. 对比,差异

  (C) testify to v. 证明

  (D) jeopardize v. 危及

  (E) sustain v. 支撑


  4. 布拉齐壳像远古时代双壳蚌那样,是地球上最_________的生物形式的其中一个: 化石记录里已经_________了超过30,000的物种。


  Brachiopods, clamlike bivalves of prehistoric times, were one of the most _________ forms of life on the Earth: more than 30,000 species have been _________ from fossil records.


  (A) plentiful adj. 丰富的...subtracted v. 减去

  (B) ornate adj. 华丽的...retrieved v. 重新取回

  (C) multifarious adj. 多方面的...catalogued v. 登记分类

  (D) scarce adj. 缺乏的,罕见的...extracted v. 萃取的

  (E) anachronistic adj. 时代错误的...extrapolated v. 推算,推断


  5. 一些电脑互动游戏是如此的精巧的策划的和需要如此_________策略以至于只有最_________的玩家才能精通这些游戏。


  Some interactive computer games are so elaborately contrived and require such _________ strategies that only the most __________ player can master them.


  (A) byzantine adj. 错综复杂的...adroit adj. 熟练的,机敏的

  (B) nefarious adj. 极坏的,恶毒的...conscientious adj. 认真的,勤奋的

  (C) devious adj. 迂回的,狡猾的...lackadaisical adj. 无精打采的

  (D) onerous adj. 困难的,繁重...slipshod adj. 穿着不整齐的,潦草的

  (E) predictable adj. 可预言的...compulsive adj. 强制的,强迫的


  Section 7


  1. 孤岛上的交易是完全通过_________实施的,以物换物。


  Commerce on the remote island was conducted exclusively by _________, exchanging goods for goods.


  (A) credit n. 赊购,信誉

  (B) loan n. 借款

  (C) faith n. 信任

  (D) patronage n. 赞助

  (E) barter n. 实物交易,物物交换


  2. 环境污染问题不再是一个_________要点;政府,企业和公众同意那是个很严重的问题。


  The existence of environmental contamination is no longer a point of ________; government, industry, and the public agree that it is a serious problem.


  (A) concern n. 涉及,关心

  (B) cooperation n. 合作

  (C) urgency n. 催促,紧急

  (D) relevance n. 关联

  (E) dispute n. 辩论,争吵


  3. 在攀岩运动里,依赖_________,一种不用理性思考就能察觉的能力和依赖体能对生存同样重要。


  In rock climbing, survival depends as much on __________, the ability to perceive without conscious reasoning, as on physical strength.


  (A) autonomy n. 自治

  (B) incoherence n. 不连贯

  (C) intuition n. 直觉

  (D) sophistry n. 诡辩

  (E) receptivity n. 接受能力


  4. 当课程________实验室练习和教室教学联合一起,用电脑实验室去_______教室指令是最有效的。


  Using computer labs to __________ classroom instruction is most effective when the curriculum _________ lab exercises and classroom teaching in a coordinated manner.


  (A) supplement v. 补充,增补...integrates v. 一体化,结合

  (B) substantiate v. 证实...undermines v. 破坏

  (C) remedy v. 补救...compromises v. 妥协

  (D) disparage v. 蔑视...reinforces v. 加强

  (E) foster v. 抚养,培养...curtails v. 所建


  5. 马歇尔大川的作品风格被很多_________用马歇尔在作品裸身下楼梯的杰作,相当于一个_________,来说明他们对现代艺术憎恨。


  Many _________ of the style of painting exemplified by Marcel Duchamp's work focused on Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase as the _________ of what they detested about modern art.


  (A) critics n. 评论家...epitome n. 缩影,摘要

  (B) proponents n. 支持者...realization n. 实现,领悟

  (C) advocates n. 拥护者...embodiment n. 体现,化身

  (D) debunkers n. 暴露者...rejection n. 拒绝

  (E) belittlers n. 轻视别人的人...reversal n. 逆转


  6. 殖民地时的美国剧作家梅斯欧偍思华恩以她的政治_________出名:她激烈的判断力和洞察力是众所皆知的。


  Colonial American playwright Mercy Otis Warren was known for her political __________: her keen judgment and insight were widely acknowledged.


  (A) partisanship n. 党派性

  (B) intemperance n. 放纵

  (C) acumen n. 敏锐,聪明

  (D) irreverence n. 不尊敬的

  (E) interest n. 兴趣,爱好


  7. 强生的作品被认为是_________和_________因为作品是充满了难理解的参考和难解的的离题。


  Johnson's writing is considered __________ and _________ because it is filled with obscure references and baffling digressions.


  (A) deceiving adj. 欺骗...ingenuous adj. 坦率的

  (B) arcane adj. 神秘的,秘密的...abstruse adj. 深奥的,难解的

  (C) spare adj. 节省...didactic adj. 教学的

  (D) lucid adj. 表达清楚的...definitive adj. 决定性的

  (E) concise adj. 简明的...esoteric adj. 难解的,机密的


  8. 因为女议员在选民中的印象已经是如此的慷慨了,所以很难和_________达成一致如果她显得_________的话。


  Because the congresswoman has been so openhanded with many of her constituents, it is difficult to reconcile this __________ with her private __________.


  (A) selfishness n. 自我中心...inattention n. 疏忽,粗心

  (B) insolence n. 傲慢...virtue n. 美德,邮电

  (C) magnanimity n. 慷慨...pettiness n. 小气

  (D) opportunism n. 机会主义,投机主义...ambition n. 野心,抱负

  (E) solicitousness n. 热切期望...generosity n. 慷慨,大方


  Section 9


  1. 当海胆变得更少的时候,潜水员要_______更深的地方去寻找它们,_______可能会导致潜水受伤。


  As sea urchins are becoming scarcer, divers are ___________ to more dangerous depths to retrieve them, __________ the potential for diving injuries.


  (A) swimming v. 游泳...lessening v. 减少

  (B) descending v. 下降...increasing v. 增加

  (C) removing v. 去除...avoiding v. 避免

  (D) returning v. 返回...seeing v. 看见

  (E) climbing v. 攀登...creating v. 创造


  2. 安娜提出约翰习惯性的自夸自己的衣柜是一个__________的方式。


  Anne mentioned John's habitual boasting about his wardrobe as an example of his __________ ways.


  (A) erratic adj. 古怪的

  (B) egotistical adj. 自我的

  (C) flexible adj. 灵活的

  (D) tactful adj. 老练的

  (E) inconspicuous adj. 不显眼的


  3. 他的同事很尊敬他因为他即_________也_________; 他信念坚强和沟通很老练。


  His peers respected him because he was both __________ and __________: steadfast in his beliefs and tactful in his negotiations.


  (A) resourceful adj. 资源丰富的...courteous adj. 谦恭的

  (B) tenacious adj. 固执的...manipulative adj. 操纵的

  (C) determined adj. 坚决的...demonstrative adj. 说明的

  (D) resolute adj. 坚决的, 果断的...diplomatic adj. 外交的

  (E) outspoken adj. 坦率的...indiscriminate adj. 无差别的


  4. 考虑到中世纪英国的很多女人不能掌控自己的生活,马季瑞肯皮十五世纪的自传展示了非凡的__________。


  Considering that many women had little control over their own lives in medieval England, Margery Kempe's fifteenth-century autobiography demonstrates a remarkable degrees of __________.


  (A) consecration n. 奉献

  (B) rationalism n. 理性主义

  (C) autonomy n. 自治

  (D) effacement n. 抹杀

  (E) simplicity n. 简易


  5. 遵循法令禁止__________条例,怀疑_________有可能被强制性的留住即使没有正式的控告。


  Following the decree banning ___________ acts, suspected ___________ could be forcibly without the filing of formal charges.


  (A) rebellious adj. 反叛的...conformists n. 墨守成规的

  (B) apolitical adj. 与政治无关的...loyalists n. 忠实拥护者

  (C) seditious adj. 煽动...insurrectionists n. 起义者

  (D) subversive adj. 颠覆性的...nonpartisans n. 无党派

  (E) supportive adj. 支持的...opponents n. 对手


  6. 通过在他的个人秀里面展示出多样化的性格,约翰里辉赞提倡去__________戏院的倾向于不给拉丁演员很多角色选择。


  By portraying a wide spectrum of characters in his one-man show, John Leguizamo provides a ___________ to the theater's tendency to offer a limited range of roles to Latino actors.


  (A) corrective n. 改善法

  (B) tribute n. 致敬,礼物

  (C) corollary n. 推论

  (D) stimulus n. 刺激

  (E) precursor n. 前导












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