[bɪ'nev(ə)l(ə)ns; bɪ'nevəl(ə)ns; bɪ'nevələns]
助记 benevolent[[adj.慈善的]]→n.善心,仁心

n . 仁慈

英文释义 disposition to do good an inclination to do kind or charitable acts an act intending or showing kindness and good will
同义词 tenderness
反义词 inhumanity
例句 In his opinion, benevolence and expressions of gratitude appear to be subtle but powerful ways to bring happiness into one's life and to extend it. 按他的观点,仁慈和表达感谢之情似乎以微妙但强有力的方式把幸福带到生活中,并使它得到延续。 My colleagues and I have expressed our high appreciation of their deeds of benevolence on many charity functions held by them. 我和我的同事曾在多个华人社团赈灾活动上,向华侨华人的仁爱之举表示高度赞赏与敬意。