n . 不平衡;不安定

英文释义 a lack of balance or state of disequilibrium; (mathematics) a lack of symmetry
同义词 disparity
反义词 balance >>
例句 There will no longer be an imbalance between what countries like China produce and what they consume. 像中国这样的国家,它们的生产和它们的消费之间的不平衡状态正在得到修复。 Your quality of life and your social contribution will tend to remain congruent, so if you want to see improvement in either area, you must create a temporary positive imbalance. 你的生活质量和你的社会贡献将趋于保持协调。所以如果你想在任何一方面提高,你就必须创造临时的积极的不平衡状态。